Bringing it all Together

In today’s global economy, your enterprise may operate multiple sites within a rapidly changing environment.   At the same time, you are coping with shorter product development and launch times, the challenges of regulatory compliance, and customers demanding cost reductions.

Your small to mid-size business has little room for error.  Most companies are looking for ways to ramp up productivity, retain and grow your customer base, and eclipse the competition. You need methods for achieving one version of the truth, and the technology capable of tapping it.

The problem is that a gap exists between what you most need to know and what is available to you. In most manufacturing environments, especially aerospace shops, there are multiple sources of data that must be analyzed and turned into actionable information. The difficulty is bringing it all together, focusing on the critical information, and using it to measure, learn and innovate.

At TGC Services, we specialize in helping our clients develop customized business intelligence systems  to increase visibility, sharpen decision making and ensure excellent customer service. The solution is business intelligence in the form of one integrated system that tracks all the key aspects of your business, from workflow to nonconformances, from RFQ to ROI.