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Most IT consulting firms are software-oriented. Todd Gallagher and his team at TGC Services are applications-oriented. TGC knows, based on real life experience, how to spec, implement and integrate ERP and quality packages that fit the unique business needs of your manufacturing, engineering or service-oriented business.

TGC’s Todd Gallagher has over 25 years experience with small to mid-size engineering, manufacturing and service businesses in the aerospace, space, industrial and commercial sectors. He spent decades running his own multi-million dollar aerospace company with divisions in California and Alabama, then founded and ran Apex Skypark, an engineering-based designer, manufacturer and installer of robotic parking garages.

Gallagher is innovative, critical, intuitive and works fast. He will recommend what services you will need in order to manage your company — because he’s been in your shoes. He knows how to successfully help your company reach it's full potential and stop waste, both on the shop floor and within your current system.

TGC services include:

  • Rapid ERP section and implementation
  • A single point solution for all your data
  • Dashboards for business intelligence and metrics
  • Lean manufacturing and process improvement
  • Change management, training and planning

Please call TGC, your West Coast manufacturing, industrial and commercial IT pros at 714-514-7143.

ERP, CRM, QMS Implementation

Providing one central repository for all information

ERP is enterprise resource planning
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business management software that allows an organization to...

Dashboards/Business Intelligence

BI aims to support better business decision-making

Quantifying an organization’s activities
Let us help you bridge the data gap today. We will do this through Business Intelligence (BI).

Networks, Servers & Desktops

TGC can be your complete IT service provider

Our IT service offerings benefit your enterprise
TGC’s practical experience and deep expertise using a variety of ERP and quality packages...