Backup Software Reimagined
Unitrends Backup converges enterprise backup software, ransomware detection, and cloud continuity into a powerful, all-in-one platform.
Data Backup and Recovery Solutions
With volumes of data growing 33 times faster than the IT professionals employed to manage it, administrators don’t have a second to waste on complex and clunky backup solutions. Unitrends all-in-one backup appliances simplify data backup and server backup from local to cloud. Stay ahead of the threats with a smarter approach to backup. Unitrends backup solutions include analytics that predict and prevent outages with AI that alerts you to ransomware infection and potential hardware failure. Plus, Unitrends backup solutions are purpose-built and pre-tuned with powerful backup software, which means there’s no finger pointing and “one throat to choke” when you need help.

Disaster Recovery and Continuity Solutions
It is no longer good enough to just protect your data – you need to protect your business with a disaster recovery solution. Having a disaster recovery plan (DRaas) and getting your critical applications back up and running quickly is no longer a luxury but a business requirement.

But threats to business continuity continue to evolve. From ransomware to employee error to natural disaster, a variety of events can cause outages, and the costs of downtime can be high, even for short incidents. It’s up to IT organizations to be prepared. But how do businesses choose the best disaster recovery strategy while also making the most of limited budgets and resources?

Unitrends offers a variety of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions designed to fit your needs. Our backup appliances and DRaaS uses automation and white glove service to lessen the burden on your IT resources. What’s more, Unitrends uses intelligent recovery analytics to show the potential impact of an outage and help you detect and prevent downtime before it occurs. The same Unitrends products that protect your data also provide multi-site replication, instant recovery, and failover to the cloud. Unitrends solutions are easier to deploy and provide 100% confidence that data and applications are protected and accessible in the event of disaster.