Microsoft offers businesses many options to perfect your production, processes, share information internally and manage you systems. A few of Microsoft’s products that we work with are:
Microsoft SharePoint 2010

For people to work well together, they need to share information easily. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 makes that happen by providing a single location where you can collaborate on documents, set up websites, and share reports based on your latest performance figures.

Microsoft Office 2010

Work smarter and faster. With Microsoft Office 2010 you can communicate more effectively and increase your productivity using tools that are more intuitive. You can access your information whenever you need it with Microsoft Office Web Apps, and it’s even simpler to analyze your data with easy-to-use tools in the Office 2010 applications.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Use Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and its built-in tools to create a flexible data platform for managing your business information. With multiple editions available, you can build an infrastructure to meet your exact needs and give personnel access to data when and where it’s required. Build analytical models from virtually any data source across your organization and give your employees access to insight that will help them drive your business forward.

Microsoft Access 2010

Powerful tools in Access 2010 enable you to reduce errors, spend less time memorizing expression names and syntax, and spend more time focusing on building application logic. Start tracking your data quickly with Access 2010 and access and share your data in new ways.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio is a suite of component-based software development tools and other technologies for building powerful, high-performance applications. In addition, Visual Studio is optimized for team-based design, development, and deployment using Team Foundation Service or Team Foundation Server.