Meet Your Manufacturing and SCM Challenges with Dell.

Dell technologies are engineered to integrate into your manufacturing and SCM environment to help you manage these processes while meeting PAT compliance. From the initial stages of process development to planning, factory integration, delivery, installation, support and data systems management, compliance is a consistent priority in recommending and developing solutions. Our experienced team can provide a compliance-readiness consultation to facilitate Good Manufacturing Process (GmP) adherence across your facility.

Beyond compliance, Dell can help you with the hardware and software required for an optimal manufacturing operation. Whether you’re tracking inbound deliveries or inventory on your shelves, Dell notebooks, tablet PCs and server solutions can integrate with your facility’s existing RFID infrastructure for simplified product tracking and monitoring. For instance, Dell™ PowerEdge™ Servers running VMware® Infrastructure 3 virtualization software can offer simplified data management, better resource utilization, reduced power consumption and cost-effective scalability to your facility by allowing you to run more applications on fewer servers.