Cloudberry Backup Solutions

CloudBerry Managed Backup Service (MBS) is a data backup solution for managed service providers and IT departments who require centralized job management, monitoring, reporting, and licensing control .

CloudBerry offers all of the features you would expect in backup software, including, image-level backup, file-based backup and even support for Microsoft

Designed for Managed Service Providers
Managed Backup allows Service Providers to centrally manage backup agent installs and upgrades, licensing, reporting, monitoring, and backup / restore jobs from the SaaS web portal. MSPs can white-label CloudBerry Managed Backup and offer the backup service to their customers under their own brand.

Cross-Platform Backup and Recovery
CloudBerry Managed Backup works on Windows and Windows Server, macOS, Linux. CloudBerry makes restoring data easy. Individual files and folders can be quickly restored from any type of backup (file, image, virtual machine). To bring a server back to life, CloudBerry supports Bare Metal Restore (BMR) to the same, dissimilar hardware, virtual machine, or cloud computing instance.

Flexible Licensing
CloudBerry is pleased to announce the MSP Expansion program. This program allows MSP’s to offer a Trial CloudBerry license to any of their current or potential customers without a financial commitment. You get the same 24×5 Customer support, regardless if you purchase, so we can help you ensure you and your customers are successful.

Bring-Your-Own-Storage Approach
CloudBerry keeps to a storage-agnostic approach to backup design with support for over 20 public cloud storage providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. By decoupling cloud storage from the backup software, CloudBerry puts customers in control of where their backups reside.